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Our PAKETIN system is usable worldwide, it consists of the PAKETINcloud and the access module PAKETINpur. We use a global SIM card and the M2M technology. In this way, we can provide the system to our global partners at low-cost. You can use the module to switch in real time a parcel box or a simple electronic lock. Whether you only need the module or also the corresponding boxes, we will help you with both. By the way: our boxes can be operated completely self-sufficient with solar, so just put it up and start. For what you after all use it, or whatever your business model may be, is entirely up to you.

Currently you can already manage the parcel reception and shipping with our system. Furthermore pick‑up stations, micro-hubs or simple shelf management. Of course, we trust our partners and that they know the ropes in their countries. Therefore we support them with the implementation of country-specific requirements and embed them quickly into the app. Or do you have a whole new business idea that requires you to switch an electronic lock? We are realizing everything with you.

Inside of our system we have already integrated a billing and payment system, so that you will not have any effort in these areas. Of course, the entire system including the app will be provided to you in your official language. You see: the PAKETIN system is ready for use in your country. Let´s get started.

Call us now +49 3641-675-448. We will gladly advise you comprehensively and competently about one of the versatile possibilities of cooperation and the possibilities of using the flexible system of PAKETIN in your country.

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